January Blogging Challenge: Renew and Reflect in 2015

What challenges have I faced during teaching in 2014 that had helped me to grow professionally?

I guess I would have to say teaching a new grade. In the school year 2013/2014 I went back to teaching in the primary division, grade 3. I hadn’t taught grade 3 for five years. So the challenge for me was readjusting to a new grade but still taking all the things that worked for me as a teacher and applying them to a different grade. The other part isn’t a challenge that I faced, but it did help me grow professionally. One of the benefits to moving back to grade 3 was that I lucked into a great teaching partner. We really work well together and we compliment each other with our strengths and weaknesses. So last year I really felt like I grew professionally in teaching literacy. I really worked on my guided reading practice and getting my students to see literature in a new way. This whole growth in this area is due to my work with my teaching partner. So even though it was a challenge changing grades, I ended up gaining so much more in terms of my professional growth, not to mention a good friendship.


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