January Blogging Challenge: Reflect and Renew in 2015

How do I stay positive and share/encourage that positivity in my students?

This is something that has been on my mind for awhile now. Before the holidays it seemed that I was struggling with staying positive myself and felt that this attitude was trickling down towards my students. I was definitely aware of it and really wanted to snap out of it. So now it’s back to school and it’s still on my mind and I think I just have to remember what kind of teacher I want to be, I can’t necessarily change my students but I can change and/or be mindful of my positivity. So that is my goal, remembering to be positive, to stay focused on the good, and to not sweat the small stuff. I also have to remember to have fun. I think sometimes as teachers we forget to have fun and allow our students to have fun. Sure there needs to be a balance, of course, but sometimes it’s important to remember that teaching and learning can be fun. I think that if I am more aware of my own positivity, then hopefully that will trickle

down to my students. Here’s to positivity!!!



One thought on “January Blogging Challenge: Reflect and Renew in 2015

  1. I thought about this a lot today. I wanted to go back to being positive and allow less negativity when it comes to classroom management. I was better than before break, that’s for sure! Hope you’re feeling better about it as well! ~Molly


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