January Blogging Challenge: Reflect and Renew in 2015

What is one area of my learning and teaching I want to develop this year?

One area of my teaching and learning that I would like to develop this year is my approach to teaching math. I’ve learned and applied so many new approaches to teaching math in the last year and a half that I know that my math program is solid, but I also know that there is a bit of a comfort zone still there and that I am interested in making my math program the best it can be for my students. So, I’ve already started at the end of 2014, my teaching partner and I sat down with the Math instructional leader and I have already learned and applied some new thinking to my teaching. I know that this will continue to grow and develop in 2015 as we are having some professional development centred around this and I am really excited about it. I am also lucky as my teaching partner is willing to try out new things and approach lessons in a different way, so it gives us the ability or opportunity to bounce ideas around with each other and see where we will go from here. Here’s to math lessons in 2015!!!!


2 thoughts on “January Blogging Challenge: Reflect and Renew in 2015

  1. Not sure what grade you teach but if it is elementary I would be interested in how you structure your math block. I currently begin with a problem solver, correct for immediate feedback, move on to mini lesson or activity, then practice.


    • Hi, I teach grade 3 and my math block sounds similar to yours, I usually start with an activation, even if it’s just reviewing something of importance from yesterday’s lesson, then it’s usually problem solving, they can choose to work on it in pairs or individually, I put a lot of practice in my block, so I don’t mind them working together, I know that I will be able to formally assess them when I need to. Then like you said, it’s take up, feedback, looking at how the problem was solved, looking at the success criteria if we have one to refer to and then some more practice. I know that my teaching partner does pretty much the same as me, except she’s been doing small math groups with students who will not be able to work in partners because their math skills are weaker. She might modify the same problem so it’s not completely different. Hope that helps. If I learn anything new in the next month, I’ll be sure to share.


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