January Blog Challenge: Reflect and Renew in 2015

What are my beliefs about how students learn best?

I’m a couple of days late in joining, but happy to be back taking part in this blogging challenge.

There are many influences that affect how students learn best. In my opinion, students learn best when they have a teacher who believes in them. I mean, we are the face that greets them every morning at 8:30 am, we are the ones that they look up to (sometimes literally) so having a teacher who believes in them and sees them for who they are is pretty powerful stuff.

Students also learn best when they are challenged, are pushed gently to take risks in their learning. Teachers who can see what students are capable of and their potential is again pretty powerful stuff. It’s not only in the seeing of the potential but in doing something with it, taking the student to the next level.

I’m a big believer in building relationships with the students in my class, getting to know them, noticing when they walk in on a Monday with a new haircut or a different pair of glasses. Asking them about their favourite sports team or their after school activities. It’s all about believing that someone is in their corner, someone who believes in them and wants to be their for them.


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