November Blogging Challenge: Attitude of Gratitude

Nov 14 5 things you are grateful to have learned in your teaching career

1. flexibility: the ability to go with the flow, there are things that are beyond our control that crop up each day and the ability to have a good attitude about it and just go with it is something I’m grateful for.

2. to not take things too seriously: I think when I was a younger teacher I took things way to seriously, and personally. Now, I feel in the last few years, I’ve come into my own and know when to take things seriously, but on the whole, I try to not take things too seriously and figure that things will get done when they get done and I’m okay with that.

3. to have a sense of humour: my school day is way more interesting and fun when we laugh as a class.

4.Looking at the little things: I think its important to take a moment, when you can appreciate the little things that happen during the day. It could be something your students did, or a colleague, it could be how a lesson went. It’s a simple thing, but powerful

5. To focus on the good: what’s going right, instead of what’s wrong!!! That is my new lesson that I am trying to embed into my day. Focus on the good in my life, focus on the good that my students produce, just focus on the good!!imgres-5


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