November Blogging Challenge: Attitude of Gratitude

November 8th: Write about a memorable moment in the classroom and how it reminded you about why you love what you do.

I feel like are so many moments that remind me daily about why I love what I do. One moment that stands out for me is when I was teaching grade 5 a couple of years ago. I had student who was a reluctant reader or a reader who chose to read books like Geronimo Stilton, too easy and little thinking involved. I would recommend a variety of books throughout the year, she would read the books suggested as part of our literature circles and at the end of the year I think I asked each and every student to reflect back on what they learned from their year. This student stood up and said that she learned to love to read because of me. I was so touched and felt so proud and happy for her. We do our jobs everyday but sometimes you don’t necessarily know the full impact you make on each student, it was heartwarming to hear her say those words.


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