Day 5: November Blogging Challenge- Attitude of Gratitude

November 5th: What are your strengths? Which are you most grateful for?

My strengths are my adaptability and flexibility and the fact that I rarely take things too seriously and don’t make a big deal out of small things, I also never hold grudges and I don’t have regrets. Some of these strengths are more rooted in my teaching practice and some are on a more personal level. However, I am grateful for all of them. The one that I am perhaps most grateful for is the fact that I don’t sweat the small stuff. I try to focus on the positive and in the “what can I do right now”, instead of the “what ifs”, focusing on the things I have control over is so much more empowering and allows me get things done the way I want to do it. This strength is definitely something that I have grown into, it wasn’t always so easy, but I think with age and maturity and experience, it just makes more sense to know what you have control over and to have a positive outlook on things, or at least spin it into a positive for your own sake.


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