October Currently….


Working on….my I.E.Ps, I have three to complete.

Reading….still in the middle of This is where I Leave You, by Jonathan Tropperimages-3

Feeling…tired so I’m chilling out this afternoon

Planning…on going out this evening with a bunch of friends…house party!!


What does “connected education” look like?

Good question. For me, “connected education” looks like connecting myself as an educator with social media such as Twitter, Pinterest, and the many teacher blogs that I follow. It is through these social media outlets that I am able to connect with other teachers, their great ideas and see what is going on in other classrooms. “Connected education” is going to be part of our vernacular if it isn’t already. We are teaching many children who can call themselves “digital natives”, our students are constantly immersed in various types of media. It is definitely part of their vernacular so we need to make it part of ours. Whether it’s using Youtube in the classroom, creating classroom blogs, using ipads to engage students in their learning or even a cool website called Flowcabulary to teach concepts through media it is incumbent on us as teachers to create what we think “connected education” looks like for our individual classrooms.