Day 30: 30 Day Reflective Teaching Blogging Challenge

Day 30: What would you do (as a teacher) if you weren’t afraid?

If I wasn’t afraid, I would probably go through the principals interview process and get myself on a the vice principal’s list. I’m not really afraid, it’s more like do I really want to do it, leave the classroom and move over to the administrative side. So yes, there is some fear in that. I love being in the classroom and it’s where I feel the most comfortable, so it would be a very big change if I did that and a change that is hard to go back on. So it’s a big decision and one that I probably avoid making because I am a bit afraid of what that might look like and how things would change. I’ve been at the same school for the past 14 years and feel grateful for the years I’ve spent there honing my skills and building forever friendships with my colleagues. So making that change would also be a lifestyle change and I guess I’m just not sure I want to take that leap…..yet!!

Wow, what an amazing experience this has all been taking time each day and reflecting on my teaching practice and getting to read and learn from so many others. Thank you for such an amazing experience, I’m so glad I decided to join. Hope there is more to come!!!!


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