September: Currently….

images-1I’ve always wanted to do one of these and have seen so many around many of the blogs that I follow. So here is my attempt….

Working on….writing my reflective teacher blogging entry, it’s been a great challenge all month long. I’m on day 27, only a few more to go. It’s been a great process to go through, reflecting on my teaching practice each day and learning something about myself.

Reading…This is Where I Leave Youimages-3 I got it for my birthday last week and really can’t wait to see the movie, but will try to finish the book before seeing it.

Feeling…. Grateful, just spent Friday night dinner with my family and my aunt just flew in from Seattle. So it was really nice sharing stories and just being together around the dinner table.

Loving….that  its Saturday morning and even though I woke up early I don’t have be anywhere or do anything and I can enjoy a cup of coffee and watch my programs.

Knowing..that it’s a really busy time of year and to remind myself to take a deep breath.

Planning…a field trip for my students to the Science Centre for our study on Energy.


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