Day 24: 30 Day Reflective Teaching Blogging Challenge

Which learning trend captures your attention the most, and why?

I think the learning trend that captures my attention the most is inquiry based learning. I really think that this type of learning allows our students to begin to take ownership over their learning. There’s this saying for teacher’s to think about, it goes like this: Are you the sage on the stage or the guide on the side. I really strive to be the guide on the side and I believe that inquiry based learning allows our students to take the reins and decide what they would like to learn or focus on as a project. It gives them voice and choice in their learning. I think too often as teachers we are always telling our students what we want them to learn, the inquiry based approach veers from that and that can be scary for teachers, but it can also be so rewarding. So if inquiry based learning is a trend, I’m enjoying it and hope that it’s here for awhile.


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