Day 21: 30 Day Reflective Teacher Blogging Challenge

Day 21: Do you have other hobbies/interests that you bring into your classroom teaching? Explain

Technology: I have brought my interests in blogging into the classroom and have had a classroom blog, where students could comment on things that were posted, their work was posted, they could take classroom polls etc… so I try to bring some technology into the classroom as it is a hobby of mine, I mean I am on the computer quite a bit, whether it’s checking twitter, instagram or my pinterest board I am always using technology in my life so I try to bring a bit of it into the classroom.

Reading: I love reading and I try to instill that same love of reading to my students. When choosing read alouds, I usually choose books that I adore or have some history with when I was a kid. I try to use that to get my students excited about a new author or a new series.


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