Day 19: Reflective Teacher Blogging Challenge

Day 19:

Name 3 ways that students can reflect on their learning.Discuss the one you use the most.

 1) conferences: whether it’s reading or writing, I try to sit down and conference with my students, this gives me a chance to talk one on one with them and hopefully allows them to reflect on their learning too. I try to create a dialogue that we can use to see their growth and development.
2) success criteria that is developed with the students, is a tool that helps my students reflect on their learning. They are able to take their writing piece and look at the criteria and see if they have met it, and where they need to put more effort.
3) descriptive feedback allows my students to get prompt and relevant feedback on their work, thus allowing them to reflect on what they did well and where they need to make improvements.
I use all 3 of these throughout the whole year, they all work together.

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