I Need to Forgive Myself

I couldn’t agree more with what Pernille is talking about in this blog. I was sharing the exact same sentiments with my colleague today and feeling bad about how I was feeling. Instead, I am going to forgive myself like she so eloquently put and just trust the process and trust myself. Thank you for the wise words, a good reminder.

image from etsy

I have been rather contemplative as of late, not quite sure of myself, not quite sure of my worth as a teacher.  I think many of us experience this every year as we start fresh, as we perhaps move grades, or move schools.  Or even if we stay put, these new kids present us with a whole new world, and we forget that our old kids were once new to us as well.

So we beat ourselves up, think we are no longer great teachers, that we are not doing as well as the year before or that somehow we have already messed this year up.  We lament our own limitations, highlight the things that are going wrong, and punish ourselves for not doing enough, teaching enough, being enough.  We spend hours at night searching for solutions, new ideas, and new possibilities that will help us become…

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