Day 4: Reflective Teacher Blogging Challenge


Day 4: What do you love about teaching?


After having taught for more than 13 years there are many things that I love about teaching. I can honestly say that what I love about teaching is getting kids excited about their own learning. It’s such an awesome experience to see kids “get it” and seeing the light bulb go on when they finally figure something out on their own. Another thing that I love about teaching is just being with my students, one of my favourite things about being a teacher is building a sense of community with my students. It’s really important to me that my students know that I see them for who they are and for what they bring to the classroom experience. I love the funny things that my students say and love it when a student who wasn’t interested in learning or trying their best makes a turn and sees the benefits of trying their best and giving it their all. These are a few of the reasons what I love about teaching. 



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